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Guruprasad (Guru) Hegde is a self taught avid Indian Professional Photographer born in Mangalore and brought up in Mumbai and currently working in Kuwait. His passion for photography has been around from his graduation days. Every once a while he used to dare to hold his uncle's point and shoot Yashica film camera to capture the beautiful moments around him. He soon fell in love with the little toy in his hand and gradually started building his interest to learn the creative art of photography by reading through books and magazine.

His first professional camera was a Nikon SLR (Nikon F50), he treasures the joyful moment the day he captured an entire 36 film exposure to his satisfaction. The evolution of SLR to DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera did bring along changes to the workflow as well brought in many opportunities. His passion has led him to explore different genres of photography.

"Photography is a freedom to endless creativity and relentless pursuit of happiness."

He sincerely believe there is no end to creativity and there is a new lesson to learn each day. It's this dedicated passion and interest which initiated him to start a photography club "WEEKENDERS" with the help of like minded photography friends in Kuwait, one of the pioneer photography club founded in 2011. The vision of the club has been to Promote, Educate and Inspire Photographers by conducting various workshops and photo shoots in different genres of Photography to beginners, amateurs and enthusiastic photographers in Kuwait to pursue their passion.

SHUTTERXPOSE means Shutter and Exposure, the X in between shutter and pose is to emphasis the ingredients of “Exposure”. A perfect Exposure with proper composition is the Mantra to good photography.

The Blog page is about his personal experiences, reviews and takes on different subject of photography. He is been a Nikonian, it’s quite obvious you will find articles and post on Nikon cameras. Nevertheless, the technicalities discussed can be applied on any DSLR cameras.

He strives to capture the moment when lives are joined and joys bestowed; moments that can be cherished and remembered to the fullest and most perfect light. He takes on both Personal and Commercial assignments. 

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