Workshops - Guru Hegde

Duration: 6 Hours

Booking: Registration & Payment

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Farwaniya

Availability: Recently Concluded

Digital Photography 101

Digital Photography 101 is a must workshop for Novice, Beginners and Amateurs photographers. This workshop shall help you to be a confident photographer and understand the basics of camera operation, related camera jargon’s in simple and easy to understand language, learn exposure and how to balance exposure setting for capturing amazing and stunning images.

Contents of the workshop:

•  Understand your camea operation

•  Understand Exposure

•  Learn Camera Focusing & Metering mode

•  Exposure bracketing and shooting in low light

•  Creative shooting, capturing and freezing motion, and panning

•  Dealing with tricky lighting situations

•  Composition beyond the rule of third Demystifying the histogram

•  Introduction to On-Camera Flash and Post Processing

Venue: IBIS, Salmiya

Date: 19th May, 2017

Time: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Booking: Closed

Availability: Recently Concluded

On-Camera Flash (Speedlight)


This workshop introduces you to Speedlight and helps to understand the relationships between flash and camera and it's settings. Learn how to control flash and ambient light and how to position your subjects for best results.

Requisite: Good understanding & strong foundation on the use of photography exposure. 

Contents of the workshop:

•  Introduction on Flash

•  Know your Speedlight  

•  Understanding Exposure Triangle in relation to Flash

•  Controlling and overpowering Ambient Light

•  Flash in Auto Modes

•  Understanding TTL; High Speed Sync; Slow Speed Sync

•  Manual Mode

•  Understanding the advantage of using Off-camera flash

•  Understanding Lighting Patterns, techniques and use of reflectors.

•  Speedlight accessories (modifiers, shapers, triggers, shoot etc.)

•  Live demo with a working model for better understanding and easy learning.

Venue: IBIS, Salmiya

Date: 30th June 2017

Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Booking: Closed

Availability: Recently Concluded

Off-Camera & Studio Flash

This workshop introduces you to off camera flash and strobes. Learn how to use and control multiple light setups, light positions and it's effect.

Duration: 6 Hours

Booking: TBA

Availability: Upcoming

Adobe Lightroom Unleashed

This workshop introduce the use of latest version of Adobe Lightroom, a powerful processing and organizing application for your photography need. 

Contents of the workshop:

•  Introduction to Lightroom and RAW

•  Importing, Organizing & File Management

•  Exploring Lightroom Catalog

•  Exploring Book, Print & Slideshow Modulde

•  Understanding LR Histogram

•  Color correction & Color management

•  Image Sharpness and noise removal

•  Create Panaroma & HDR

•  Create & Use Presets and Watermark

•  Use of different plugins to enhance the image

•  Exporting & Publish images online


Booking: TBA

Availability: Upcoming

Macro Photography

ShutterXpose Photography in association with Tamron Kuwait presents a detailed Macro Photography workshop by Yuwaraj Gurjar.

Yuwaraj Gurjar is an award winning Internationally acclaimed Indian artist with a passion for Macro photography as he explores the miniature world of flowers, birds, insects, butterflies, snake & water droplets. He equally loves nature and wildlife. His images has been selected & exhibited in many International Photography Contest including Asferico, Italy, UK among other countries. His images were selected at the BAF International Photography Exhibition, PSI’s 12th International Photography Salon, RBS Sanctuary’s Wildlife Photography Exhibition in 2008, 2009 & 2011 and many more. He has published a book on Butterflies in 1994 and in 2014 developed a Mobile App on Butterflies in India, current version includes 168 species. He has also published more than 500+ photo articles in “Times of India” news paper on nature & wildlife.

Yuwaraj was presented with a “Highly Honored Winner” award in the Nature’s Best Photography award by Windland Smith Rice International (2011) under the Small World Category.


* Introduction to Macro Photography

* How to think like a pro macro photographer

* Key difference between shooting macro and close up

* Various equipments and lights used in macro Photography

* Technical details and hands on explanation of each equipments.

* Controlling sharpness in macro photography - how to avoid blur

* Depth of field in macro photography

* Skills and expertise for taking great shots including techniques on Background, Composition and Magic angle

* Using natural and available light in macro photography

* Working with higher magnifications in macro: what challenges will you face and how to overcome them.

* Using off-camera lighting (flash) in macro photography

* Focus stacking techniques * Certificate presented to all participants

Availability: Closed

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