Creative Lighting - Guru Hegde

Creative Lighting

Professional photographer Khaled Al-Abdulghafour, will be taking you through the in’s and out’s of creative lighting during  6 hour workshop. Khaled will cover the uses of external lighting and gear set up for a studio shoot as well as showing you how to capture a model in a live shoot situation. After capturing your model, sit down and learn basic post-production editing skills.

Topics covered:

* Understanding Exposure Triangle

* Camera setup

* Concept & Introduction to Light

* Understanding Flash Exposure

* External lighting set up and techniques

* Different types of lighting patterns

* Placement of lights and best use light modifiers

* Posing and capturing your model

* Basic post-production editing

Bring Along:

* Camera with blank memory card

* Laptop with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop installed.

Venue: Kuwait City

Date: 12th October 2018

Time: 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Booking: Open

Availability: Recently Concluded


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