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Had a lovely wonderful experience outdoor tour to Georgia 🇬🇪 Tbilisi with our photography team organized by Mr Guru Hegde felt an a family atmosphere well organized.Looking forward many more to come First time experienced such a lovely tour Thank you once again Guru sir.

Geetha Flaveena, Kuwait

It was a great landscape photography tour to Georgia 🇬🇪 Clicking snow fed mountains, castles, old architectural churches ,city landscape, and Arial photography at the same time guidance by Mr.Guru how to shoot ,frame & compose .It is an really great knowledgeable experience learned a lot about nature photography.looking forward for a next photographic tour Thank you guru sir Ravi Andrew Alva, Kuwait 🇰🇼

Ravi Andrew Alva, Kuwait

It was a wonderful trip with family and friends surrounded by team of professional photographers mentored by Guru, always ready to capture breathtaking moment like snipper Looking for target. From different angle so deeply engaged. Equipped with fully loaded kit. At the same time enjoying lighter moments of fun jokes and Chacha, it felt like we where at the right place at right time thanks to meticulous planing and coordination of Guru and team. Perfect weather condition to support our group adventure in such a scenic country of Georgia covered in blanket of snow always felt like we have more to see, thanks to crew from Georgia (Edward Rejjo and Jimmy) always on our side more like a friend, felt like time was short to visit all the places keeping a silent promise in our heart to visit this beautiful country again another time.... Part 2. Wine making Season (October) To be continued.....😀

Raymed Fernandes, Kuwait

Weekenders to Georgia was an amazing experience with our group leader Guru sir who did almost all the arrangements from travel to safe return. The entire trip was organised in a very well manner and the pick of the tourist destinations was on point. This trip was filled with a lot of new experiences for us from kuwait (especially the snow for the first time). The trip was organised in a way that there can be no complaint or negatives. In fact , we didn't even feel like coming back to Kuwait. 😅 This was an amazing experience with the crew of weekenders and will always be a memorable one. Eagerly waiting for the next trip. Kudos! 🤘🏻

Hadlee D'souza, Kuwait

It was a great adventure ride passing through the great country side of Georgia 🇬🇪 capturing those superb snow covered mountains, pictures valleys, heritage structures, Georgian local household, old yet beautiful and brightly colored houses and finally not to mention the company of skillful photography enthusiasts. It was a trip which will be relished for ever. Looking forward for a next trip together with the Weekeender team Kuwait. A great tour organized well by Guru.

Franklin Lobo, Kuwait

Simply awesome Georgia Photo Tour on Nature and Landscape. Waiting for the next one... Lots of opportunity to learning photography with practical experience.

Indranath Sinha, Kuwait

I'm impressed by your approach and commitment to photography. Been one of the participant of Shutterxpose 1st photography contest, you have come a long way. Good luck to you and your team.

- Ivan Dsouza, Kuwait

Guru is a dedicated pro and a mentor who shares his knowledge and guides other fellow photographers without any hesitation. He is a passionate photographer with a love for teaching. I am associated with his group "WEEKENDERS" for a few years now. He created numerous opportunities for photo sessions for the group, and I have benefited a lot from these sessions. Thank you Guru!

- Kenny Washington, Kuwait

I personally know Mr. Guru for more than 10 years, he is always ready to help with any questions or doubt I ask regarding photography, his workshops are so helpful and knowledgeable to increase our skills in photography.

- Sanath Shetty, Kuwait

I had personally attended his workshops in the past and i honestly recommend to all photography lovers, beginners, and amateur photographers to attend this to gain a lot of knowledge and to sharpen their skills & to click the camera to get the best results. Mr. Guru is a generous person who shares his knowledge and skills in photography to whoever approaches him with any query or help, he does these without expecting any material benefit, his aim his just to spread the beauty of photography to the world and help others to increase their skills in photography.

- Jiji Joseph, Kuwait

Guru sir is not only a passionate professional photographer, but a wonderful teacher whose generosity in sharing his expertise and his passion for photography is unsurpassed. He challenges us to keep learning and polishing our own modest skills. My real interest in photography blossomed when I attended his first workshop. Thanks Guru sir...

Anil Avil Fernandes, Kuwait

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